COVID-19 Information and Precautions


April 4,  2022

Visitation & Testing:

Alameda County has been moved into the low positivity rating! Because we are working with a frail population the facility is still highly recommending a COVID test each week for visitors. You can complete testing here at the facility on Mondays or Thursdays or you are welcome to use a lab in the buildings next door who are promising results within 24 hours.

Because we are in the low positivity rating we want to allow residents to go out on pass for up to four hours. Please make arrangements ahead of time with Alma and we will get an order from the physician for the resident to go out on pass. The facility still recommends the use of masks while out on pass and the resident will be tested the week following the out on pass trip. These visits are dependent on the county positivity rating remaining low and may be discontinued if the rating changes.    

Fully Vaccinated & Boosted can visit in the building with an appointment.

Unvaccinated or unboosted can visit outside in our new location that has a canopy in the front of the building but an appointment still needs to be made and you will be screened prior to the visit.

Just as a reminder for visitation guidelines:

–          All Visitors must be healthy and pass screening for COVID-19 symptoms.

–     All visitors must provide a copy of their vaccination card to the receptionist at the time of the visit or they can be emailed to

–          You must wear a facility issued mask at all times.

–          Social Distance – Stay 6 feet apart from others.

–          Visitors must stay in the resident’s room for who they are visiting. They cannot access public spaces such as the lobby or courtyard.

–          Use hand sanitizer when you enter and leave the residents room. 

–          Do not eat or drink in the resident rooms.

–          No restroom use.

–          Residents may have up to two visitors at the same time from the same household.

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