Seniors working in a computer lab with an instructor

The COVID-19 Strain on Seniors

Most everyone is suffering from COVID-19 fatigue these days. The Corona Virus has been rampant in the United States since March and, as a result, most areas have been in some form of quarantine and/or lockdown. This has been difficult for everyone, but, with the...

Successful 2020 Activities

Covid-19 came to the United States in mid-February. Most states went into some form of lockdown around mid-March. Reports of the new, unknown virus were saying that seniors were among the most at risk. The concern for facilities was three-fold. Residents and patients...

Fulfillment Through Giving Back

“Most people feel satisfaction and fulfillment when giving their time and attention for the benefit of others.” For nursing home residents, this can be a hard feat to achieve. Often, residents of short and long term care are focused on recovery, wellness...

Nurses station with a large white orchid plant on the counter


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