The front lobby with a beverage station for residents and visitors
Handwritten testimonial from the daughters of Amelia
Handwritten testimonial from Sonja
Testimonial from Sonja
Handwritten testimonial from Olive
Testimonial from Mary
Testimonial from Diane
Testimonial from James
Testimonial from Gail
Testimonial from Eric
Testimonial from Charanjit
Handwritten testimonial from Charanjit
Handwritten testimonial and photo from the family of Yukshue C.

Mullins testimonial


The Vineyards Healthcare is where you would want your loved ones to go. The staff is very professional and caring. They will make the recovery easy and enjoyable. You will feel at-ease knowing that your loved ones are well taken care of.

~ Venus B.

Working with the elderly has always been my passion. It maybe challenging at times but rewarding to me. That’s why I have been an employee of this facility for 30+ years! Seems too long but I really enjoy working with the management team and all the departments that provides the best care to our residents and their families.

~ Marlene B.

The dining room


The Vineyards Healthcare Center
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Livermore, CA 94550
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