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New Resident, Friends & Family,  

I would like to welcome you to The Vineyards Healthcare Center. Thank you for choosing our facility to start your healing process. The pandemic has changed the way that we provide care and, in an effort, to keep your loved ones safe we have very strict protocols that we are following.  

We are screening all of our staff each day and limiting visitors to necessary medical appointments and end-of-life visits. New admissions, who are not fully vaccinated, and have had a negative test at the hospital and will then be placed in our observation unit on quarantine for two weeks. We will then test them prior to discontinuing their quarantine and when the test comes back negative the resident can leave the room with a mask and participate in visits with loved ones. If your loved one has been vaccinated or has been positive within the last 90 days they will be admitted to our green zone and can have scheduled visitations.  

We will accept one delivery of items to get them settled upon admission. I would recommend bringing at least three days’ worth of comfortable clothing, shoes with grip, and any toiletries that would make the resident more comfortable during their stay. Please don’t forget to send cell phone chargers if they have a phone. You can also include any packaged non-refrigerator snacks in this one-time delivery. We also have WIFI if you would like to bring a tablet for the resident.  We will be sanitizing all of the items before providing them to the resident.  

While your loved one is in quarantine, they will still be receiving 24-hour skilled nursing care. We will just be providing the staff with additional PPE to provide the resident care until they have been cleared from quarantine.  

If they do not have a phone you can call our cordless phone which can be brought to their room and is sanitized in between each use at 925-315-8980.  

If you would like to Facetime or Google Duo while the resident is at our facility you can set that up with   

Once the resident has received a negative test after two weeks of quarantine you would be able to schedule visits with They are scheduled for 30 minutes and locations will vary based on your vaccination status.  

It has been by following these protocols that we have been able to remain COVID-free for residents.  It is my want to maintain your loved one’s health and safety while they are at the Vineyards and get them home safely when they complete their program.  

A care conference will be scheduled by phone in the first week of admission where you will get updates about medications, nursing care, and the rehabilitation program.  

If you have any questions about the enclosed information you are welcome to call me at 925-443-1800 or email me at 

If you would like to get our weekly COVID 19 updates please send me an email to be added to my email contact list.  

Thank you, 

Lisa Foster

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